Reaching Respondents - Conducting Surveys

We solve market research challenges. You can count on us for the execution of consumer research and respondents for your survey. Our strength in data collection services lies in our comprehensive consumer panels in multiple markets. These internet panels are used to conduct representative consumer research with precise quality assurance in several countries — you get data you can rely on.

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Conducting Research - Reliable Data for Informed Decision-Making

We are professionals in data collection services. You get both the execution of research and respondents for your survey under one roof. Conduct consumer research. You also get respondents for surveys through our data collection services. We connect businesses that need information with consumers who want to share their opinions on various topics.

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Meaningful Insights Through Research

With our solution, you get a comprehensive and representative sample of consumer opinions. In data collection, we rely on our internet panels. Deepen your understanding of your target audience better than ever before. We offer reliably trustworthy data. Utilize our top-tier Consumer Panels for developing business strategies, improving customer understanding, or conducting brand research.

Benefits of Research

Research is beneficial at many stages of business operations. Carefully conducted consumer research is a step toward successful business. Identify market opportunities through market research.

Reliable Data for Decision Making


Discover consumer opinions through the power of research

Understand consumer behavior, preferences, and household decision-making processes through consumer research. This helps your business in strategic planning and marketing. By studying the market, money doesn't go to waste. Informed decisions can be made.

Respondents for Consumer Research with Representative Sampling

Liidimedia's popular global online consumer panels provide a representative sample of consumer opinion. Panelists eagerly await new surveys where they can provide valuable opinions. We already have tens of thousands of members in our own consumer panels, so we are pioneers in data collection through online panels. With the help of our esteemed consumer panels, we can provide you with access to our active and representative consumer panel in over 10 countries. Conduct consumer research quickly and cost-effectively, without compromising on quality. With Liidimedia, you can get high quality respondents for your research globally.

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Easily Access Research Results and Respondents

Utilize our consumer panels for overcoming data collection challenges. They are suitable for various types of surveys, ensuring that well-conducted consumer research supports the continuous development of your operations. We offer broad or targeted consumer research with random sampling. Surveys can be targeted based on factors such as age, gender, location, and background information to reach the right audience. This is made possible by our comprehensive and representative consumer panels in many different markets. For larger projects, we can leverage smooth cooperation with our international market research partners.

Explore Our Research Services!

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Choose a Reliable Market Research Firm

Liidimedia is a market research firm that provides clear added value and competitive advantage in the form of market research. Contact us and conduct surveys quickly with our help. We help your business grow and develop with high-quality research-based data.

Our clients include companies, institutions, and universities. We have conducted surveys for universities as well as small and large companies such as healthcare companies, universities, and brand agencies.

Liidimedia has helped numerous well-known companies and institutions with their survey needs. In addition, we collaborate with leading research companies worldwide. Our panels operate in several different countries, allowing you to conduct surveys in one or more countries simultaneously.

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Agile Market Research

As a market research firm, our advantage is that we can respond to your survey needs very quickly without rigid bureaucracy. We assist you comprehensively in the execution of survey research, selecting the right target group, and formulating questions. Each research project is unique, so request a tailored offer tailored to your needs.

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Conduct research internationally. Get to know our own consumer panels in different markets. We help you conduct consumer research in these countries, among others.

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