Survey data collection Services

We collect data through our own internet panels. We also utilise our international network of partners. Surveys are customised according to client needs.

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Easy and fast survey data collection in a cost-effective way.

We specialise in internet panels for data collection services. Our high quality and comprehensive consumer panels provide a wide range of options for your data collection needs. Research is customised to your needs.

Data collection via online panels vs traditional methods

Modern data collection in online panels is a cost-effective and fast way to collect data. Online data collection offers many advantages over traditional methods.

Data can still be collected by mail, telephone or face-to-face, but our expertise lies in data collection through online panels.

The "old-fashioned" methods of data collection also have their place and are by no means inferior, but are often expensive, time-consuming and more resource intensive. Telephone interviews are well suited to some research projects.

Data collection through consumer panels:

  • cost-effectiveness
  • easy to target
  • large sample of respondents
  • rapid access to results
  • reachability of respondents
  • flexibility
  • anonymous

Online panels offer excellent targeting in data collection services. Online panels have a high activity rate because members are constantly being engaged. The quality of the online panels is excellent, as the panel is maintained and continuously quality assured.

Reach the right target groups for your research projects

Honest answers directly from real people.

You can target the survey precisely to the audience you want, such as a specific age group, occupational group or geographical area.

This allows for accurate and relevant data collection. This is important especially for market research and product development.

Surveys quickly

You get results very quickly, unlike traditional methods that can take weeks to collect and analyse data - an online survey can take just a few days.

Speed is the key advantage, especially for companies operating in fast-changing markets.

Online panel surveys are an excellent tool for ongoing surveys. They allow you to follow the same individuals over time. This is valuable when studying long-term changes in customer satisfaction or market trends, for example. You can monitor consumer behaviour and attitudes over time, giving you a deeper understanding of the market and the current competitive situation.

Internet panels offer organisations cost-effective, flexible and fast ways to collect valuable information.

You can make informed decisions that will help you succeed in a competitive marketplace.


We help you overcome challenges in data collection.

Our strength lies in our own online panels. We started our business in 2016 by launching our own internet panel. We grow, maintain and develop our own internet panels. Quality assurance of our panels is at the heart of everything we do.

Using our own online panels around the world, across a range of markets, we can conduct surveys for a wide range of audiences. With an international network of partners, we can cover even the most demanding target group requirements.

We do not have a one-size-fits-all formula for every client. Simply request a tailor-made survey. All services are customised to meet your needs.

We solve your data collection challenges.

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