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We offer agile and diverse market research services. Our high-quality online panels help you get the right participants for your survey in a cost-effective way.

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With our market research services, nothing will be left to speculation. Market research is a tool that gives you the full picture of the state of a market, your competitors, your customers and your brand. It helps you make informed decisions and grow your business in the right direction.

What is market research?

A market is a setting where a buyer and seller meet to exchange a service or good for money. Research means the consistent act of finding out about a particular issue. Market research is the study of markets to find out a variety of things.

Market research is the process of collecting, analysing and interpreting information about the market and the people involved to understand consumer needs, predict trends and make decisions about marketing strategies.

With market research, you can always keep up to date with the current situation on the market. You gain important insights into the decision-making of your customers, who are your target group. Get valuable information on trends, preferences and your competitors.

To put it simply, market research is a survey, which provides results and data that can be used to allocate ideas and resources to the right targets.

Through research, you can gain valuable insights into the state of the market and get to know your customers better. Market research can help you find out what your customers want or need. The customer's opinion is very important.

The main uses of market research include enhancing decision-making processes, identifying and minimising risks, obtaining up-to-date and reliable information from customers and identifying new opportunities in the market.

Objectives and purpose of the research: gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of market research

What question does the research try to answer and what is the aim of the research? Before starting the research process, it is important to understand what you are researching and why.

Define the problem and your goal. Focus the research on the right audience. Ensure that the questions are relevant so that the results are valid. Well conducted market research provides useful results that can be applied to real-life situations to help inform decision making.

Efficient data collection: harness the power of our consumer panels for market research

We collect data through online surveys in our own consumer panels. We have found that online panels are a valuable and cost-effective way of conducting surveys. Other common methods of conducting market research include telephone interviews, letters, SMS surveys, and online meetings and face-to-face interviews, as well as participating via tablet, for example in a store.

Thorough research guarantees reliable results.

To ensure that the market research gives reliable results, it is important to make sure that the questions are asked in the right way and that the sample of respondents is comprehensive and random enough.

The quality of the responses, i.e. high reliability, is important. By paying attention to this and using a research expert to support the survey, the results can be trusted and used as a basis for decision-making.

Market research professionals: choose an agile partner for your research projects

In Finland, market research is conducted by universities, universities of applied sciences and market research companies, such as Liidimedia's research services. These companies can benefit from Liidimedia's market research services and gain access to data from our services for market research professionals. Market research can be used to carry out a survey and get a good basic understanding of your competitors and customers.

Conducting a market research

Do you need help in conducting your market research and reaching the right target group of participants?

Liidimedia can carry out market research and provide you with a wide range of participants for your survey.

We also help companies with our market research solutions to successfully expand their business globally. We have already established our own consumer panels in several countries.

We can also conduct research on a limited target audience with our extensive international network, if you prefer.